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  • Photo. David M.


Cheri Robinson
Cover Photo. David M. (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Like a caress enveloping, a wish escaping in a sigh,

You captivate with only a thought.

Effortless, it seems.

Flawless, just.

How is it a touch can affect you so deeply it moves inside your heart?

One moment, eternal memory –

Ever ethereal, like breath on a frozen window pane . . .

Ever mysterious, like love felt in the sound of a name . . .

You just are . . . without even trying . . .

Like stars in the night, ever in your sight;

Waiting for a moment, just one,

From this instant ‘til the one you come.

Here I stand, hesitant . . . poised to jump or to run at the first sign of loyalty or betrayal.

There you stay, thoughts unknown,

Intentions cloaked in shadow . . .

How long ‘til you make a move?