Parrafo magazine

Samuel Diener

on seeing you on facebook

i’m told pictures make a world imprecise
mendacious or misleading, catching
glamour not in life:
don’t post them, caption,
instagram that album:

simplest diction,
greatest truth.

i’d say imprecision’s blood, it’s skin,
it holds you in:
imprecision’s safety
from the eyes of men.

when you held me
you said imprecision
was unwinding, it was clothing;
i believed you then—

i say pictures are the ones that fail at knowing
that those marks that wind around your belly
are the tracks of piping plovers
pacing rippled sands,
digging slightly in when climbing

as if grasping moments,
as if feet were tiny hands.

Samuel Diener

Samuel Diener, after working in the fishing and foodservice industries for seven years, Samuel went to school to pursue a career in education. A graduate of Shasta College and UC Berkeley, he is now a PhD candidate in English at Harvard. He does comparative work in Spanish and Portuguese and writes and teaches poetry